Ladies and gentlemen, put on your sunnies because it’s time to have fun!

Grab the perfect sunglasses for women & men at New Image Eyewear Boutique, KL, Malaysia, designed for people who enjoy distinctive styles, unique colours, shapes and sizes. You just know it when your sunglasses bring out the best of you.

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Why You Need Sunglasses

Sunglasses play a big role in protecting our eyes from excessive exposure to sunlight. When you are outdoors, our eyes are exposed to high levels of UV rays. When unshielded from these damaging rays, we increase the risks of developing long term vision problems such as cataracts, eye cancer, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis.


Grab the perfect men & women sunglasses in KL today that keep your eyes safe while simultaneously looking chic and sophisticated.

Women sunglasses or men sunglasses

There are stereotypes when it comes to the designs of men’s and women’s sunglasses.


For example, sunglasses for women tend to have more embellishments and sophisticated designs, while sunglasses for men may live the stereotype of having dark monotonous lens colours whereas the shades of vibrant pink are more popular for women.


We are often asked whether it’s okay to wear sunglasses of the other gender and guess what? You can wear whatever fits your persona, your face shape, and your outfit. Beauty is a construct, grab the beautiful sunglasses from us now.  It’s your sunglasses and you make your own rules!

Our Guarantee

1 Year Warranty

Maximum coverage for all sunglasses defects that includes repair services of frames, lens, and replacement of a new pair.

30 Days Return

Changed your mind? Well, we accept returns of sunnies that are still in perfect condition within 30 days of their purchase.

Cleaning Services

Professional and diligent cleaning and after-care services for all men and women sunglasses in KL.

Authentic Brands

We only source our sunnies from original labels so that you are downright protected from counterfeits.

Fits Perfectly

To create the perfect pair of sunglasses for our customers, we examine every fitting and offer tightening services at no cost.

Don’t know which colour or frame suits you the best?

We have a guide for you.

First timers, you are to receive 10% OFF when you get your first pair of sunglasses for women or men

at New Image Eyewear Boutiques, a spectacle shop in KL, Malaysia. Hurry up and visit us!

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