You are creative. You are the image that you want to be.

Our spectacle frames in Malaysia are sourced from all around the world, from big labels to the community’s favourite, from high-end frames to frames of the greatest value. For you to fit your clear glasses onto, there are at least 999 different styles of frames that can be sorted into categories of chic, modern, vintage, luxury, feminine, and classics.

Trending Spectacle Frames in Malaysia For 2021.

Cat Eye Glasses

Crystal Clear Frame Glasses

Brow-Line Glasses

Tortoiseshell Frames

Retro Round Frame Glasses

Select your kind of expression and see the world the way you want to be seen.


Don’t know which spectacle frame suits you the most?

We’re going to help you out!

Skin Tone

Find your skin tone using the veins test!


If your veins are…

Purple or blue-ish, then you have a cool skin tone

Green, then you have a warm skin tone

Blue-green, then you have a neutral skin tone.


Colours that complement your skin tone

Face Shape

Cat eye glasses, aviator glasses, round glasses, retro glasses, clear frame glasses… so many styles and you’re confused but it’s actually easy to pick just the perfect one according to your face shape.

Glasses for diamond-shaped face:

Glasses for oval-shaped face:

Glasses for round-shaped face:

Glasses for square-shaped face:

Glasses for rectangle-shaped face:

Frame Material

Titanium – strong, lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and hypoallergenic

Beryllium – Highly resistant to corrosion, suitable for sports, strong, lightweight, flexible

Stainless steel – Lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant and cheaper than metal frames

Aluminium – Utilized in upmarket spectacles, strong, flexible, and impervious to corrosion.

Plastic – Highly malleable to fit face shapes, lightweight, affordable and comes in multiple colour options, suitable for children and infants.


Add-on features for you to spice up the whole look.

Custom Engraving

Create meaning for your spectacles by engraving initials or phrases onto the glass frame. This service is only applicable for glasses frames in Malaysia of a certain size.

Retro Eyewear Chains

Taking fashion to another level and bringing back the retro sensation, we have a wide array of modern-looking and detachable chains for your eyewear.

Express yourself in luxury. Express yourself in authenticity.


New Image Eyewear Boutique sources premium spectacle frames in Malaysia from only original luxury eyewear brands.


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