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Ophthalmic lens

Get quality optical lens in Kuala Lumpur with New Image Eyewear’s Ophthalmic Lens. There are multiple types of ophthalmic lenses which include single vision lenses, multifocal lenses, progressive lenses, and light protection lenses.

Single vision lens

Corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness at one general distance.

Bifocal lens

Clear vision at two different distances which facilitates near and far visual tasks. This lens combines the features of reading glasses and driving glasses in one.

Trifocal lens

A mixture of three optical powers: distant, intermediate, and near. This lens has improved magnifying power for near visual tasks, it is ideal for viewing computers.

Progressive lens

Corrects vision at three optical zones. This lens blends the power of trifocal and bifocal lenses where the transition of the zones will be invisible on the exterior.

Photochromic lens

Transition lens that darkens when exposed to sunlight, and thus protects against UV radiation.

Polarised lens

Reduce unwanted light reflections from shiny surfaces such as water or glass.

Trending: Anti Blue Light Glasses

The employment of blue light filter lenses on glasses is essential to cancel blue light emitted from digital screens. This feature is highly popular as excessive exposure to blue light is damaging to retina and can interfere with normal sleeping patterns.

Get the perfect pair of Anti Blue Light Glasses optical lens in Kuala Lumpur with us!

Do you need high index lenses?

You need high index lenses if your optical prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism is high. Effectively, a high index lens helps to correct severe refractive error.

Grab a great pair of high index optical lens in Kuala Lumpur with us!

Promised eyeglass lenses quality

Ultraviolet Treatment

Thin and lightweight polycarbonate lens to protect against UV rays.


Durable scratch-resistant coatings to increase life-span of the eyeglass lenses.


Application of anti-reflective coating to prevent entrance of unwanted light reflection through the eyeglass lenses.

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ACUVUE® Oasys 1-day with HydraLuxe™ Technology is designed and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. HydraLuxe™ is a wetting technology where a unique tear infused design mimics mucins that help to support a stable tear film. Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) acts as a hydration agent and reduces friction. PVP and highly breathable hydrated silicone integrate with the tear film create an enhanced network of tear-like molecules which keep your eyes feel comfortable throughout the whole day.

ACUVUE Oasys 1-day is a daily disposable lenses which is the most convenient options for hassle and busy daily life. Wear it every morning and dispose every night and you do not need any cleaning and care routines. It is just as simple as ABC.

Features of ACUVUE® OASYS 1-DAY

  • Tear like molecules that work with your natural tear film, providing all day performance and excellent vision, comfort and handling; known as HydraLuxe™ Technology
  • Highest level of UV protection in contact lens, blocking more than 99% of UV B and more than 96% of UVA.
  • Daily disposable lens
  • Correction for near-sightedness patient (myopia), starting from -0.50 diopter to -12.00 diopter
  • Base curve available in 8.5 and 9.0 with 14.3mm lens diameter
  • With blue visibility tint