Branded Contact Lenses

Embrace your natural beauty. Show the world who you truly are.

See clearer without compromising your physical appearance. Grab your branded contact lens in Malaysia, widely used beyond the primary means of vision correction, it is used also for cosmetic or aesthetic, and therapeutic purposes.

Clear Eye Lenses

Popular for vision correction, a clear contact lens as a transparent optical wear is usually opted for when people want to avoid wearing spectacles on special or daily occasions. The lenses are better in terms of peripheral vision and often more convenient for outdoor activities.

Coloured Eye Lenses

Colour contact lenses are perfect for people who want to change the colour appearance of their eyes for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Our branded coloured contact lenses welcome a diversity of designs at a very economical price.

They do a fabulous job accentuating the eyes and make the eyes appear bigger and brighter, we have a wide spectrum of colours, patterns, and sizes for you to choose from.

Before You Purchase Contact Lenses in Malaysia

Ask What Contact Lenses You Are Looking For.

Rigid, soft or hybrid lenses?

Rigid eye lenses are permeable to gas and more resistant to residue build-up. It is cheaper yet not suitable for long wear.


Soft eye lenses are more friendly to wear for beginners. They are more flexible and allow better circulation to the cornea.


Hybrid eye lenses have rigid centre but softer skirts. It gives the benefit of a rigid lens and also the comfort of a soft lens.

Length Of Wear

Single-day wear is recommended for users who prefer discarding their lenses on a daily basis and not worry about cleaning and maintaining it.


Several-day wear usually refers to contact lenses that can be used for 6 days up to a month but also come in 3 months or 6 month options for certain brands.

Contact Lens Brands That We Trust


Our policy

Authentic Brands

Our branded contact lens are authentic and abide fully by the Malaysian regulation. Thus, our products are safe to wear.

Free Trial

A pair of branded contact lenses will be provided to newcomers and customers to experience alternatives before making purchases.

Lens-Fitting Coaching

One-to-one coaching to assist customers to learn the skill of attaching lenses perfectly.


After-care programs are scheduled to provide guidance in maintaining contact lenses so as to avoid corneal complications.


We offer cheap yet 100% authentic and Malaysia approved contact lens with or without prescription.

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